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The new entrepreneur has exchanged GUTS for BRAIN

The new entrepreneur must be educated in all areas of business. They must understand marketing, finances, opportunities, timing and how to implement. Success today involves:

  • Motivation

  • Education

  • Innovation

  • Implementation

The collection of the ideas is materialized in the form of a Business Plan. The business plan takes the abstract and converts it to the concrete. It gives the developer a structure to understand the business, the industry, the market places, the opportunities, the threats, the barriers and the viability and sustainability, if any, of the proposed venture.

It has been found that most businesses that fail do not have a business plan. It has also been found that over 93% of businesses that are still in existence after 10 years have a detailed up to date business plan.

In most areas of growth, the customers have become very sophisticated and the marketplace has become crowed with aggressive competitors. Small business must stay contemporary and become more effective and efficient than big business, because small business lacks the resources of big business.

The Shnider Group is positioned to help small business:

  • Develop and understand the detailed parts of the business plan

  • Build a customer base

  • Understand how to manage their cash better

  • Start their business right

  • Understand growth management

  • With self employed finance and tax issues

  • Understand growth issues and employee incentives

Business Solutions We Offer

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Building a Customer Base

The Shnider Group will help you understand your market and its environment.

It will aid you in the development of a Sustainable competitive advantage and coach you through of process of

  • Methods for Customer Retention

  • Methods to increase sales and increase profits

  • Developing a niche and understanding the needs of that market and how the market is changing

  • Develop a working Marketing Plan that will guide your company through the next stages of its growth cycle

  • Developing a marketing plan

Building a Customer Base

Cash Management

The Shnider Group will help you to uncover the hidden cash that is in your profit through:

  • The development of a workable financial plan

  • The understanding of cash management and working capital management

  • The understanding of internally financing growth and how cash can be extracted from idle resources

  • The understanding of the differences between cash and profit

  • The understanding the tax consequences of decision choices

  • The understanding of the lease v. buy options and its tax implications

  • Increase your Return on Investment

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Cash Management
Business Owner

Starting Your Business

The Shnider Group will help you develop a customer/benefit driven Business Plan that will:

  • Identify the consumer benefits of your products/services

  • Identify your competitive advantages

  • Develop a SWOT analysis

  • Understand the markets and its elements (competition, customers, etc)

  • Recognize the present and future needs for growth and sustainability

  • Develop an operational plan

  • Develop a financial plan

  • Develop budgets and projections for present and future cash needs

  • Help you obtain financing

Starting A Business

Employee Incentives

If you seem to be losing good employees or not able to hire top level employees

The Shnider Group will help you understand your demographics and help you in the process of hiring the right personnel. There are many reasons people decide to work for a company. Employees value the intimacy of a small company but a company must still be competitive with wages and benefits.

The Shnider Group will help your company understand and develop value added benefits that attract high level personnel through the development of:

  • Pension/profit sharing plans

  • Medical insurance benefits

  • Life insurance

  • Ownership opportunities

Business Meeting
Employee Incentives
Image by Scott Graham

Tax and Financial Management

The Shnider group will help with your tax preparation and consultation in the areas of:

  • Tax preparation

  • Entity selection

  • Tax benefits for buy/sell agreements

  • Profit sharing plans

  • Tax consultation for start up companies

  • Financial coaching for buy/lease decisions, growth, lending and investing & economic decisions

  • Capital budgeting to help identify future needs

  • Work with financial alternatives to maximize profitability

  • Risk management

Tax and Financial Management

Growth Management

The Shnider Group will help you:

  • Understand your cash needs and requirements to finance growth

  • Understand the resource needs to support the growth

  • Evaluate your growth potential through new markets and uses

  • Help project and manage your growth to maximize its profitability

  • Develop the cost-profit analysis to analyze the consequences of growth

  • Evaluate fixed asset and equipment needs to aid in the production of the growth

A business meeting
Growth Management
Business Meeting

Small Business Focus

  • Small business management

  • Cash management for sustainability and growth

  • Tax and financial advising

  • Business plan development

  • Marketing plan development

  • Start up business and on going businesses

  • Help develop marketing skills to grow

  • Identifying new markets with new uses and users of products/services

  • To aid in the development of employee retention programs

  • Help to increase profits and ROI

Self Employed Individuals

  • The Shnider Group specializes in small business and will help you with

  • Formation of your business

  • Profit sharing/retirement plans for the small business

  • Health benefits that can result in lower taxes

  • Tax benefits that can increase cash flow

  • Business plan development

  • Market identification and development


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