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The Shnider Group LLC

Business & Management Resources

Why The Shnider Group LLC...

We put it all together for you. The skills, knowledge and training to help decrease your risk of failure. Our culture is all about EDUCATION-EDUCATION-EDUCATION. We integrate useful real-world, hands- on, and sensible learning combined with the understanding of the theories, principles, concepts and philosophies to aid in helping the small business grow.

Our Advantage = Your Advantage

We put the entrepreneur first

We put the concepts and ideas into action

We make the content relevant and usable

We put the concepts and ideas into action

We put the practical into learning

Business Owner

Starting A Business

The Shnider Group will help you develop a customer/benefit driven Business Plan

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Building a Customer Base

The Shnider Group will help you understand your market and its environment.

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Cash Management

The Shnider Group will help you to uncover the hidden cash that is in your profit.

Business Meeting

Employee Incentives

The Shnider Group will help your company understand and develop value-added benefits that attract high-level personnel

A business meeting

Growth Management

The Shnider Group will help you understand your cash needs and requirements to finance growth

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Tax and Financial Management

The Shnider group will help with your tax preparation and consultation

Business Presentation

What People Are Saying

"I simply want to thank you for setting Entech up with Neil Shnider.  Each session is better than the last and it’s remarkable the amount of progress we are steadily making. We’re still far from being “out of trouble” but without a doubt, we can see light at the end of the tunnel (and I’m certain it’s not a locomotive)!  We are addressing every aspect of our business and involving each Team Member.  Neil’s knowledge is remarkable and his ability to pick up on every detail is uncanny. What a worthwhile involvement and I thank you and Neil personally and the SBDC in general for the great assistance."

Martin Haas

CEO, Entechus, Inc

Our Consultants Means Business...

Business & Management Resources
How We Can Help


Are you experiencing any of these issues?

Your revenues are falling?

Your costs are rising?

Your profits are declining?

Your Cash flow is becoming a problem?

Your customers are taking too long to pay you?

You have fewer new customers walking in the door?

Your Inventory is growing and cash is shrinking?

You’ve lost focus of your business?

Your customers needs are changing?

Competition is getting tougher and your customers are going elsewhere?

Featured Publications

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Download the FREE Ebook

Budgeting-Why Spend the Time?

Planning is time consuming but, if done right, will payoff in the end.  Planning involves understanding the internal and external environment.  It requires both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of resources that may be needed or not needed.  This ebook on Budgeting-Why Spend the Time, will give you some insight on many of the issues involved in the process.

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